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Rescued & Loved Products

Mary Sweeney Underwood

Sweeney Ridge “Rescued & Loved” leash holders and signs have been specifically designed to be used by rescue and humane organizations for fund raising. These products are only available to these groups and will not be sold in stores. We are committed to helping rescue groups continue their very important work and feel they deserve a unique product to help them do this.

- Mary Sweeney Underwood -_

Cutting Leash Holders
Golden Retriever Leash Hook

  Sweeney Ridge is ready to help your group raise money to continue your much appreciated work of rescuing and finding great homes for wonderful dogs.
   We manufacture breed specific metal leash holders and wall plaques (no hooks). These leash holders offer a decorative and practical gift that dog owners love! Basic black to fit any decorating style with two sturdy hooks. Use to hang leashes, dog coats, treat bags,...etc. You and your dog will always know where the leash is!
   Breed specific wall plaques, with no hooks, reflect the love we have for our rescued friends and can be used like a welcome sign. Consider offering both for your fund raising activities. Products are suitable for outdoor use.
   These products are available only to rescue groups to resell. Call or email us today and learn how we can partner with you to achieve your fund raising goals.


Unsinkable “Molly” Brown is a Katrina rescue who found her way north to live in the White Mountains of New Hampshire at Sweeney Ridge with John, Mary and Arlo the rescued Turkish Angora. Molly hikes in the mountains and swims in the rivers daily and greets everyone with a smile.

Molly and Arlo supervise all daily activitities in the office, being sure to run whenever the phone rings. Molly watches closely while orders are packed. Arlo gets inside all boxes. He specializes in pacing back and forth on the computer keyboard checking invoices. Molly goes with John to the post office daily to help with the shipping and provides entertainment throughout the day.

Molly Reindeer